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"helped me pause, take a breath and then move into my 50’s with positivity"

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“Live the life you want. You’ve earned it” Read this book if you want to feel happier, better about yourself and excited about your life! Mental health experts say that the time period from the age of 37 to the mid 50’s is when people can feel a little low, adrift or depressed. Often incorrectly labelled a ‘midlife crisis’, this period is actually a very natural midlife transition. Managed well, this transition should be a period of tremendous growth and opportunity. This book provides chapter by chapter focus on each aspect of your life and provides key actions on how to make changes in order to live the life you want. The time is now! You owe it to yourself to read this book. You’ve done the hard bit reaching midlife. Now it’s time to take stock, make a few simple changes and make the very most of the next stage of your life. Happy living! Store Links: iTunes

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